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Autotransformer to control the rotational speed of voltage controllable motors

Autotransformer 230 VAC, Imax 1,5 A

Product description

The ATR-1 series are compact 230 VAC autotransformers designed for switchboard mounting or applications requiring output voltages lower than the input voltage. They reduce the primary voltage in steps. Available voltage taps at secondary side: 0-80-100-120-150-170-190-230 VAC, terminal blocks, IP20.

Article code ATR-1-15L25
Category 230 VAC Autotransformers
Current stock 1 U.
Factory lead time 4 Week(s)

Additional specifications and description

- Autotransformer 1.5 A / 230 VAC is designed to change engine speed
- According to: EN61558-2-13
- Compact design
- Connecting terminal blocks, finger proof, IP20
- Mounting brackets
- Insulation class: T60/F
- Dielectric sensitivity: 2.500 V
- Maximal admissible temperature: 155°C
- Maximal ambient temperature: 35°C

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