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SenteraWeb cloud services: Demand-based ventilation 2.0

Everyone is talking about demand-based ventilation. Because ventilation is necessary, that is clear. Just think of COVID-19 or the Sick Building Syndrome*. Fresh air is a must, fresh air does you good.
SenteraWeb cloud services: Demand-based ventilation 2.0
But more than ever, it is important that we also ventilate very precisely. Not too much, not too little, just enough. And, of course, the climate and the steep rise in energy rates have a lot to do with this.
As individuals, we do not want our energy costs to explode, and as a society, we do not want to run out of gas or electricity this winter. And, of course, we also have to ensure that our planet remains habitable.

Precise ventilation ensures that we do not bring in unnecessary cold air from outside in the winter, and no unnecessary warm air in the summer, to keep it nice and fresh inside. The energy consumption of the ventilation systems themselves is also significantly lower if we ventilate efficiently. But let's be honest .. how many ventilation systems are set up incorrectly? How many require manual intervention from the end-user, and are therefore used poorly? How many are simply (partially) taken out of service?

SenteraWeb can help you to adjust and monitor your ventilation system

Adjusting and maintaining a ventilation system optimally (with or without heat recovery) usually requires a lot of time and knowledge from an installer of ventilation systems. And if all goes well, you, as an installer, have the knowledge, but little time.

With SenteraWeb, you can free up time. Time that would otherwise be lost when adjusting or adjusting on site. The installation is permanently accessible from behind your computer. Replace the traffic jam on the way to your customer with the push of a button on your coffee machine and take a seat aboard your SenteraWeb Control Center.

Although SenteraWeb is a platform that is constantly being developed and where new possibilities will appear from time to time, I will list what’s possible today and some novelties that will be introduced in the short term. Some services are to be paid for via a subscription service (first 3 months free), but the configuration and real-time monitoring of the connected devices is free. All you need at the customer’s site is an Internet connection (wireless or not), and a Sentera Gateway **

  • All Modbus registers of each device are accessible. You determine the set points, the measuring ranges, the warning levels, output overrides, and more.
  • Via the dashboard you can request and display the parameters of your choice in real time.
  • Data can be logged, so that you can also determine the peak moments of certain readings or see the values ​​evolve over the seasons.
  • If the customer's installation requires specific solution firmware, you can upload it from SenteraWeb to the Master device.
  • The firmware of the Slave devices can likewise be updated as soon as new firmwares are available.
  • You are, of course, the Configurator of the installation, but depending on the type of subscription, you can create additional Configurators or Users (you determine which parameters the User has access to).
  • With a subscription, you can use the e-mail or SMS message service.
  • With the Scheduled Services you can change setpoints according to a weekly calendar.

Whether it's for a 

  • VAV control based on a Sentera differential pressure controller,
  • project in which different rooms or areas are monitored for CO2,
  • parking garage where CO or LPG is monitored, or
  • to monitor the efficiency of the air handling unit itself ***

... when you handle it from your web browser using SenteraWeb, you will save time and costs, and delivering a perfectly tuned installation!

Soon we will organize a SenteraWeb WEBINAR. Let us know if you are interested and we will keep you informed.

(*) The “Sick Building Syndrome” refers to health complaints experienced by a group of people and attributed to the building in which they are frequently present. It often occurs in new construction or renovation where volatile organic compounds are often released from building materials such as paints, glues, silicones, etc.. The symptoms are diverse and range from severe fatigue via irritability, dizziness, irritation of the eyes to colds and respiratory infections .
(**) The Sentera Gateway does not have to remain permanently on site. After setup and fine tuning, you can remove it and use it again for a new project.
(***) Ask for the list of SenteraWeb-approved actuators, air handling units, EC fans, ...

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SenteraWeb cloud services: Demand-based ventilation 2.0
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