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Senteras online world

... that our wonderful website contains lots of information in different languages?
We want to share as much information and expertise as possible. Via the e-commerce platform, you will find information about prices and delivery times, you can make / follow your orders and you can create your personal list of favorite products and thus quickly find the most relevant information.

In addition, we have a company account on LinkedIn. You will find us here: Sentera Controls - LinkedIn account

And that's not all ...

We have our own YouTube channel where we regularly upload short videos on how to install or use our products and solutions. These can be very helpful and often leave people with the "Aha! moment" when they see that the installation is much easier than first thought. The videos can be found here: Sentera Controls - YouTube channel

Please do follow us to stay informed about our latest new developments.

If there is information or a movie about the installation of a specific product / solution you would like to see on these social media, do not hesitate and call us.

We are there to help where we can.
Recent news
Date 16/06/2022
The advantages of a potentiometer with Modbus RTU
The advantages of a potentiometer with Modbus RTU Potentiometers with minimum and maximum limit, working from low to high speed or vice versa, with 0-10 volts, 0-20 mA or PWM output, infinitely adjustable or with adjustable steps (…) were already part of our assortment. Today we have expanded our potentiometer family with the SDP-M010 series that are equipped with Modbus RTU. As a result, not only are the settings available via the Modbus registers, but from SenteraWeb or your Building Management System you can also read the position of the potentiometer and even overwrite the output. >>>
Date 13/06/2022
Sentera VAV ventilation system
Sentera VAV ventilation system For the open house at one of our customers, we built a VAV demo unit in which various Sentera product groups are incorporated to work together as one solution. To explain the complete operation of this installation step by step, we have made a detailed video which you can watch on our Youtube channel. Check out the full article for more information. >>>
Date 10/06/2022
Senteras online world
Senteras online world Did you know ... >>>
Date 09/06/2022
Fan speed control made easy!
Fan speed control made easy! Sentera has a wide range of products and solutions to control fans and monitor indoor air quality. Our product range has a modular structure, which offers enormous advantages. Sentera products are easy to install and they can work stand-alone. If the need changes, additional components can be added afterwards. The connected devices exchange information and work seamlessly together. >>>
Date 09/05/2022
Potentiometers requiring a low supply voltage
Potentiometers requiring a low supply voltage With the ErP-directives becoming more and more important, there will be a shift from AC-motors towards EC-motors which are much more energy efficient. We are therefore constantly developing new products and revising existing products to be able to control these EC-motors as accurately as possible. >>>
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