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Failure or alert detection

Audible and visual alarm module ALR-M
Failure or alert detection

Did you ever wonder if that roof fan is still working properly? Sentera designed the ALR-M1 module to generate alarms and indicate failures or alerts coming from installations in less accessible places. It needs a master unit, such as the Sentera DRPUM or any BMS or master module that is able to write a value in the correct Modbus registers. Thanks to the Power over Modbus (PoM) connection, both power supply and Modbus RTU communication can be connected via one single cable.

■  Audible and visual signals | Three LEDs and a buzzer can be activated via Modbus RTU to indicate normal operation, alert or alarm.

Easy to connect | Power over Modbus (PoM) – 24 VDC power supply and Modbus RTU communication are connected via a single     RJ45 connector.

Predefined or custom functionality | Next to the predefined alert and alarm programs, there is also the possibility to customize the functionality.

 External devices | Up to three external devices, such as an alarm bell, flash light or similar can be controlled via the open collector outputs.

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