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3S Modbus HVAC configuration software

The Modbus configuration tool for all Sentera products with Modbus RTU communication
3S Modbus HVAC configuration software
Sentera manufactures, promotes and delivers high quality products and solutions that empower businesses and individuals to increase their indoor wellbeing. Thanks to the latest digital technology, our products offer you a wide variety of adjustable parameters that allow you to optimise the Sentera product to your application. Since most people are no computer scientist nor electronic engineer and since your time is valuable to us, we invest a lot of efforts to make our products as user friendly as possible. 3S Modbus is Sentera's free software configuration tool that is designed to facilitate the configuration and monitoring of your sensors and/or controllers. It’s a flexible, fast and easy tool to set up or monitor your sensor or fan speed controller. 3SModbus makes it possible to save your parameters on your computer and use them later to configure an identical product in exactly the same way. This allows you to significantly increase the efficiency of maintenance or product replacement interventions.
Configure, monitor or update | 3S Modbus is a combination of 3 different software programs intended to configure and monitor Sentera products or to update the firmware. 3SMusb and 3SMBoot can be used to update the firmware of your Sentera device. The 3SModbus software allows you to configure and monitor your Sentera device.
Easy to use | Just download the ‘3SM Center’ software suite via the website and start the ‘3S Modbus’ software. Via the USB converter ( CNVT-USB-RS485 ) the software will immediately recognise and visualise the connected Sentera product(s).
Easy configuration | Click the product and configure the parameters. Define set points, adjust ranges, change working modes, load and save parameters and get alerts where measurements exceed the range you set up.
Advanced monitoring functions | Zoom in on your parameters by consulting the overview of live measurements. Here, you can also adjust the set points and ranges to optimise your comfort and air quality.

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