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3S Modbus configuration software

As a manufacturer of innovative HVAC control solutions, we want to make the latest technology available to our customers. To facilitate configuration of Sentera devices, we developed a user-friendly, intuitive software: 3S Modbus. This software can be downloaded from our website. Via a USB converter, Sentera devices can be connected to your windows PC. Connected Sentera products are automatically recognised. Values can be monitored and parameters settings can be adjusted.
3S Modbus configuration software

Why configuration software?
In the past it was common  to change settings of HVAC sensors or fan speed controllers via trimmers, jumpers and dip switches. This method used to be the only way to adjust the default settings. Each parameter required a switch or trimmer. This method has long been the standard, but it also has its drawbacks. The set value of a trimmer does not remain stable over time. When many settings are adjustable, this method becomes complex. The settings can be changed by anyone, with the risk of malfunctioning. To make life simple for you, we removed all jumpers, dip switches and trimmers from our products. Today Sentera products can be configured via the 3S Modbus configuration software. The 3S Modbus configuration software is part of the 3SMCenter software suite. This software suite also contains software to update the firmware of your Sentera device, if necessary.

Connect Sentera products to the computer
Sentera products communicate via the Modbus RTU protocol. Via the USB converter (CNVT-USB-RS485-V2), the Sentera products can be connected to your computer. First connect the products to your computer, than start the 3SModbus software. The 3SModbus software will automatically detect all connected Sentera devices. By clicking on one of the product pictures, you can visualise and edit the parameter settings.

Configuration software.
The different parameters of your Sentera device are divided into Modbus input registers and Modbus holding registers. Input registers are read only. They contain measured values, information about the output value, etc. Holding registers can be edited. Via the holding registers, the settings (and functionality) of your device can be adjusted. Via the Holding registers, you can adjust the range of your HVAC sensor, change the minimum speed of your fan speed controller, adjust the working mode, etc. For a complete overview of all Modbus registers, download the Modbus register map of your device from our website. Visit our 3SModbus landing page for more information.

Data logging via SenteraWeb
3SModbus software offers the possibility to log data and export it in a .csv file. However, this requires that the computer with 3SModbus remains connected to your Sentera device. For data logging, we advise to use SenteraWeb – the online HVAC portal. Via a Sentera internet gateway, you can connect your Sentera products to SenteraWeb. This offers you the possibility to log data, monitor data remotely via the internet and adjust parameter settings remotely via the internet. For more information, contact Sentera.

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