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What power supply to use for my PoM network?

Modbus RTU – how to interconnect Sentera devices

Sentera devices can be connected together via ‘PoM’ or ‘Power over Modbus’. This means that both Modbus RTU communication and 24 VDC power supply are distributed via one Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) network cable.
Larger networks containing many devices, should be split into different segments. For each segment, the total current consumption must remain limited to 1,5 A maximum.
To select the correct power supply, calculate the total sum of the maximum current consumption of all connected devices in the segment. Select a power supply with sufficient capacity to provide power supply to all connected devices, based on this sum. We advise to use not more than 90 % (*) of the maximum capacity of the power supply to compensate power losses in the cables and inrush currents during start up.
(*) Depending on the products connected to the PoM network.
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