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What is an electronic fan speed controller for AC motors?

Motor and fan related questions

How to control AC fan speed in an easy way? Electronic fan speed controllers make it possible to adjust the rotational speed of AC fans. These variable speed drives are very easy to install and to configure.
The Sentera product range features variable speed drives for single or three phase AC voltage controllable motors and fans in HVAC applications. Electronic variable fan speed controllers allow you to regulate the speed of AC fans manually or demand based. Phase angle control (TRIAC technology) is used to adjust the motor voltage and to control the fan speed. Thanks to this technology, these speed controllers are completely silent. Depending on the motor type, some additional motor noise at low speed might occur. Fan speed controllers offer you advantages in terms of comfort - optimisation of the supply of fresh air in your building, in terms of health - improvement of the indoor air quality as well as in environmental terms - thanks to the optimised airflow, your ventilation system will be more energy efficient.
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