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How to use a ventilation system during COVID-19?

The risk of transmission of the SARS-CoV-2 virus via aerosols appears to be rather low outdoor or in enclosed spaces with a large volume. In addition to the usual standard hygiene measures, REHVA – the Federation of European HVAC associations - advises to increase ventilation in order to reduce the risk of contamination or transmission via the air. They advise to deactivate indoor air recirculation, to increase the supply rate of fresh air and the extraction rate of stale air. The ventilation system should be activated on continuous base. For non-occupied spaces, the air volume flow can be reduced to save energy.

In case no ventilation system is available, they advise active operation of window airing in combination with the monitoring of indoor air quality. Sentera advises to use CO2 transmitters or air quality sensors to monitor your indoor air quality. These HVAC sensors are designed to monitor indoor air quality. Long before occupants will perceive bad air quality or lack of ventilation, Sentera HVAC sensors will alert you to open the window.
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