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Operator Erosion Machines

Voivodinovo - BULGARIA
To reinforce our production team we are looking for Operator Erosion Machines. If you wish to be involved in our process, please pay attention to the description of the advertisement below.
Meet Sentera Plastics

  It is a young but rapidly developing company focused on the production of two main groups of products - Plastic and non-standard equipment. Established in 2006 in Plovdiv Sentera Plastics designs and manufactures plastic parts for the HVAC industry and other. In the particular injection workshop with new injection machines and modern peripheral devices, we fully cover the realization of plastic products. For non-standard equipment, we have a second workshop with new generation CNC machines and erosions. We have achieved a lot, but we continue to develop and equip our material base with the latest generation machines.

Sentera Plastics as an employer

  Whether you are a beginner or a professional, we offer you an environment with many possibilities. You can get further training and education here.
We see motivated and highly qualified employees as the key to our success. To work at Sentera Plastics, you must be ambitious, believe in the company, your colleagues, and even be a little pushing when it is up to achieving final good results.
Only if you try your best can you achieve the best results. Your growth means the growth of Sentera Plastics. And so, we aim for both.

What really matters for us

Knowledge - You are very good in your field, but we all know that there is always something new to master. That's why Sentera is here for you — a place where you can learn and grow with other professionals.
Independence - You are independent and readily take full responsibility for your work and the results it brings. All your decisions are based on rational thinking and data and you are convinced of them.
Reliability - Reliability is a basic requirement for you and your colleagues. Sentera Plastics is based on trust - we believe in our products and in each other.
Ambition- You are ambitious, proactive and value growth. Your inspiration at work is the desire for something bigger and better. At Sentera, you will be encouraged to achieve new successes in your career.

Your main responsibilities as an Operator Erosion Machines

  •  Performs eroding of parts with different profiles for non-standard equipment
  •  Locates, centres and secures parts of complex configuration
  •  Works with all types of tools used in EDMachines
  •  Controls machines and monitors measuring devices ensuring the required accuracy
  •  Daily and periodically technically services the machines, tools and devices
  •  Performs measurements for compliance of the processed part with the technical documentation

Your profile

  •  Appropriate technical education
  •  Experience in operating with similar machines is an advantage,
  •  If the applicant has no experience but has the will to learn – we offer company training
  •  Skills to work with measuring devices
  •  Understanding of on 2D and 3D drawings of parts with different configuration
  •  Established working habits, good communication and teamwork skills - responsible, executive and precise

We offer

  An attractive salary, flexible working time, additional health insurance, additional pension insurance, food-vouchers at the highest amount, perfect working conditions, open and friendly working atmosphere.

  If this opportunity appeals to you, please apply by sending your CV.
  Good Luck!
Application Guidelines

  • Please send us your motivation letter, personal CV and other relevant documents (as diplomas, certificates, reference letters, portfolios).
  • Your personal unique CV should give us a clear view of your competences and skills along with a complete chronological overview of your education, previous jobs/experiences and other activities.
  • In your motivation letter, explain why the job and company are appealing to you, make it specific, personal and convincing. Why are you the most suitable candidate?
  • Write clearly, to-the-point and structured.
  • Mention when we can contact you best for an interview. In case of an interview, prepare yourself sufficiently for an open exchange of information.
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