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Career opportunities in Sentera

Prototype engineer

Voivodinovo - BULGARIA
Engineer responsible for the development of the prototypes
Sentera Innovations Ltd. is a R&D company developing electronics hardware and software for intelligent innovative solutions for ventilation systems and HVAC installations.

We are currently looking for а motivated prototype engineer in R&D field.

Job responsibilities:

- Responsible for the production of the prototypes of the brand new developments, planning and organising the entire process till the release.

- To be in proactive communication and cooperation with the other engineers, to support them in the preparing of the test stands part of theirs projects.

- Preparation of the necessary technical documentation.

- Responsible for the organisation and arrangement of the stock availabilities that are used in the development of the prototypes.

Skills requirements:

- High level of analytical ability where problems are unusual and difficult.

- Provide design troubleshooting for prototype build purposes and supplier components.

- Understanding of engineering theory and principles of design.

- High level of interpersonal skills, demonstrated ability to work both independently and with others.

- General interest in product design, particularly automation systems.

- Familiarity with basic machine types.

- Creative, flexible and able to work on different projects at the same time.

Education Required:

- College/University degree in engineering or a related field.

- Knowledge in English.

- Equivalent experience in design and prototype engineering will be acceptable as well.

We offer:

- Competitive remuneration

- Flexible working hours

- Social benefits

- Positive international working environment

- Interesting and dynamic work

- Stable job with development opportunities

If this opportunity sounds appealing, please apply!


Application Guidelines

  • Please send us your motivation letter, personal CV and other relevant documents (as diplomas, certificates, reference letters, portfolios).
  • Your personal unique CV should give us a clear view of your competences and skills along with a complete chronological overview of your education, previous jobs/experiences and other activities.
  • In your motivation letter, explain why the job and company are appealing to you, make it specific, personal and convincing. Why are you the most suitable candidate?
  • Write clearly, to-the-point and structured.
  • Mention when we can contact you best for an interview. In case of an interview, prepare yourself sufficiently for an open exchange of information.
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