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Website content writer / HVAC control consultant

Website content writer / HVAC control consultant
Sentera is a leading manufacturer of control solutions for HVAC systems. Founded in 1997 in Belgium, it has been expanding ever since, currently comprising 8 companies throughout Europe. We manufacture, promote and deliver a complete range of standard products and extensive solutions that empower businesses and individuals to increase their indoor wellbeing.

For our Sales office in Kiev, we are looking for a highly motivated person for the position of Website content writer for Russian and Ukrainian language.

Key responsibilities:
To write website content in Russian and Ukrainian languages
• To keep Google my business for Sentera Sarmatia up to date
• To maintain the relations with existing customers
• Create tutorials and ads

Your background:
• University degree or equivalent experience
• Excellent verbal and written skills in Russian and Ukrainian
• Good command of English language ( B2 level )
• Experience in the HVAC industry
• Self-driven, self-directed, and independent personality
• Detail-oriented, deadline-driven, and organized

We offer:
• Attractive salary
• Flexible working hours
• Positive international working environment
• Interesting and dynamic work
• Stable job with development opportunities
• Social benefits

If this opportunity sounds appealing, apply now.

Мы предлагаем:
• Привлекательная зарплата
• Гибкий рабочий график
• Позитивная международная рабочая среда
• Интересная и динамичная работа
• Стабильная работа с возможностями развития
• Социальные льготы
Если Вас заинтересовала данная вакансия, отправляйте резюме сейчас.

Application Guidelines

  • Please send us your motivation letter, personal CV and other relevant documents (as diplomas, certificates, reference letters, portfolios).
  • Your personal unique CV should give us a clear view of your competences and skills along with a complete chronological overview of your education, previous jobs/experiences and other activities.
  • In your motivation letter, explain why the job and company are appealing to you, make it specific, personal and convincing. Why are you the most suitable candidate?
  • Write clearly, to-the-point and structured.
  • Mention when we can contact you best for an interview. In case of an interview, prepare yourself sufficiently for an open exchange of information.
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