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Career opportunities in Sentera

SMD line operator

operator on SMD line
Sentera Thracia Ltd. is an International leader in the field of HVAC installation management systems. Thanks to the growing number of distributors and partners, we have numerous customers throughout Europe and Russia. The company focuses on growth through innovative, high quality and easy to use solutions designed and sold by our qualified specialists.
For our production base in Plovdiv we are looking for suitable candidates for the position of "SMD line operator".

Preparation of a stencil printer - loading with materials and writing programs;
Preparation of machines for automatic saturation of boards / Pick & Place / - loading with components and entering programs;
Monitoring the operation of soldering machines;
Performing visual control / correction of the finished boards;

Appropriate technical education;
Experience in SMD installation is desirable;
Computer skills;
Dexterity, precision and attention to detail

Very good reward
Food stamps
Additional healthy insurance
Supplementary pension insurance
Pleasant working environment and team
Work without shifts

You can apply for this position by submitting your current CV.
Contact will be established only with candidates pre-approved by documents.
Application Guidelines

  • Please send us your motivation letter, personal CV and other relevant documents (as diplomas, certificates, reference letters, portfolios).
  • Your personal unique CV should give us a clear view of your competences and skills along with a complete chronological overview of your education, previous jobs/experiences and other activities.
  • In your motivation letter, explain why the job and company are appealing to you, make it specific, personal and convincing. Why are you the most suitable candidate?
  • Write clearly, to-the-point and structured.
  • Mention when we can contact you best for an interview. In case of an interview, prepare yourself sufficiently for an open exchange of information.
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