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Customer service employee

Voivodinovo - BELGIUM
To support our sales team, we are looking for an enthusiastic customer service employee. You are the first point of contact for our customers. You answer questions about prices and delivery times and you take care of order entry.
Stable SME with a family working atmosphere
Sentera is one of the leading manufacturers of ventilation system controls and HVAC sensors to monitor indoor air quality. Sentera is a stable SME with a family working atmosphere. We have been active in the ventilation industry since 1997 – a sector with bright future prospects. Our customers appreciate the user-friendliness and quality of our products. To support our customers even better, we want to expand our team with an
Customer service employee

Easily accessible offices
You work from the office in Temse. This location is easy to reach and located between Antwerp and Ghent. Also our central warehouse is located here. From this location, all products are shipped to our customers who are mainly located within Europe. You will work in an international environment. Our factories are located in Bulgaria and we also have a sales office in Lithuania. There will be regular contact with our colleagues in these locations.
Varied job in a family environment
You will be part of an enthusiastic team with a passion for ventilation and indoor air quality. You are the first point of contact for our customers. You answer questions about prices and delivery times and you take care of order entry. The advantage for you is therefore a varied job in a pleasant, family environment.
Innovation and digitization
We are fully committed to digitization. All transactions and actions are registered in our ErP software. Goods flows are registered in the software and made visible via the website. So good computer skills are important. The website is an important tool for us to make information available to our customers. Questions and comments from our customers are an important source of inspiration to constantly improve the website.
We are looking for an employee with experience who has a bachelor's degree in a relevant field and professional knowledge of the English language. Experience in the HVAC sector is a plus.
We offer you:
- A thorough training course so that you can quickly master our software, methodologies and DNA
- A full-time contract for an indefinite period
- An attractive salary package supplemented with fringe benefits and flexible working hours
- A great, international working environment within a stable family business with extensive experience and a positive working atmosphere
- Varied job in a pleasant, family environment

Application Guidelines

  • Please send us your motivation letter, personal CV and other relevant documents (as diplomas, certificates, reference letters, portfolios).
  • Your personal unique CV should give us a clear view of your competences and skills along with a complete chronological overview of your education, previous jobs/experiences and other activities.
  • In your motivation letter, explain why the job and company are appealing to you, make it specific, personal and convincing. Why are you the most suitable candidate?
  • Write clearly, to-the-point and structured.
  • Mention when we can contact you best for an interview. In case of an interview, prepare yourself sufficiently for an open exchange of information.
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Date 12/09/2022
Energy savings through destratification
Energy savings through destratification Just as winter is approaching, the current unprecedented energy prices are forcing us to use our energy even more consciously and efficiently. The most obvious measure is to lower the room temperature in our buildings. After all, if the thermostat is set a few degrees lower, a considerable saving will already be realized. However, in rooms with high ceilings, additional savings can be achieved through destratification. >>>
Date 06/09/2022
Temperature based air control in ships
Temperature based air control in ships The design of the electronic speed controller GTE21-60-DM is based on years of experience in temperature control in greenhouses and other agricultural applications, combined with an innovative electronic technology. >>>
Date 16/08/2022
Global warming and energy efficiency
Global warming and energy efficiency Although summer should be a time of relaxation, this summer seems to confront us with the harsh reality at an unprecedented pace. There is definitely something wrong with our climate and we need to act quickly. The extreme drought threatens to make the Rhine unnavigable and the capacity of some nuclear power plants is being reduced due to a lack of cooling water. In Spain, the use of air conditioning and heating is being restricted, while the war in Ukraine threatens to jeopardize energy supplies over the coming winter. >>>
Date 04/07/2022
Ventilation systems in the catering industry
Ventilation systems in the catering industry Summer has finally arrived and soon we will all be leaving for our favourite holiday destination. After an intensive day of vacation, we often like to put our feet under the table in an authentic local restaurant to enjoy the local specialties. As soon as the fragrant dishes appear on the table and stimulateour senses, we realize (as an HVAC professional) that the kitchen is most likely equipped with an efficient ventilation system. >>>
Date 16/06/2022
The advantages of a potentiometer with Modbus RTU
The advantages of a potentiometer with Modbus RTU Potentiometers with minimum and maximum limit, working from low to high speed or vice versa, with 0-10 volts, 0-20 mA or PWM output, infinitely adjustable or with adjustable steps (…) were already part of our assortment. Today we have expanded our potentiometer family with the SDP-M010 series that are equipped with Modbus RTU. As a result, not only are the settings available via the Modbus registers, but from SenteraWeb or your Building Management System you can also read the position of the potentiometer and even overwrite the output. >>>
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