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Season's greetings
Merry Christmas and happy New Year from your Sentera team.
Season's greetings

Recent news
Date 20/01/2020
Outdoor sensors
Outdoor sensors HVAC sensors designed for applications in harsh environments >>>
Date 05/11/2019
3S Modbus HVAC configuration software
3S Modbus HVAC configuration software The Modbus configuration tool for all Sentera products with Modbus RTU communication >>>
Date 30/10/2019
Failure or alert detection
Failure or alert detection Audible and visual alarm module ALR-M >>>
Date 27/09/2019
Intelligent sensors
Intelligent sensors The brand new flush mounted HVAC sensors feature a contemporary design that will seamlessly match your interior. The sensor is recessed into the wall to combine good operation with a discrete presence. Also available with 230 VAC power supply. >>>
Date 02/09/2019
A reliable, robust technology
A reliable, robust technology Transformer fan speed controllers are a robust yet simple technology to regulate the air volume in steps. They are often used to control kitchen hoods or fans in industrial applications. >>>
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