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Sentera Baltica Ltd Vaidoto street 33 76145 Šiauliai LITHUANIA VAT numberLT100003609718
  Commercial register: LT100003609718

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Orders, statements, invoices and other documents Technical questions, sales inquiries, commercial questions
Please for your understanding for our email safety and security precautions: If possible, send us only PDF documents as email attachments, we kindly ask you not to send Microsoft Office, ZIP, RAR, ISO and other document formats, which may contain executables or macros. Please make sure your SPF record on your DNS server clearly assigns only your mail server or IP-address, with DKIM, as the only permitted sender of your emails, according RFC 7208. The delivery of non-compliant mails may delay or not occur.
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Date 08/05/2020
Control switches and Potentiometers
Control switches and Potentiometers How to control EC fan speed? >>>
Date 23/03/2020
COVID-19 Sentera optimises on a daily basis the balance between employee safety and logistics performance. >>>
Date 16/03/2020
Date 17/02/2020
Power over Modbus (PoM)
Power over Modbus (PoM) Reliable, easy and safe - connect your Sentera devices via PoM: 24 VDC and Modbus RTU combined in a single cable with RJ45 connectors. >>>
Date 20/01/2020
Outdoor sensors
Outdoor sensors HVAC sensors designed for applications in harsh environments >>>
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