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CO2 based ventilation - AC voltage controllable motor - Imax 1,5 A

This solution controls AC fans with single-phase motor. The maximum motor current is 1,5 A. The fan speed is controlled in function of CO2 concentration. The RTVS1 transformer fan speed controller regulates the motor speed in steps. Forward or reverse mode can be selected. The HVAC transmitter receives 24 VDC supply voltage via the RTVS1 controller. All settings can be adjusted via Modbus RTU. With this solution, it is also possible to fan speed in function of temperature or relative humidity. If the motor is equipped with thermal contacts (TK), RTVS1 can detect motor overheating in an early stage and disable the motor to prevent damage.

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Trafo-Drehzahlregler mit Mobus RTU-Kommunikation, Versorgungsspannung: 230 VAC / 50-60 Hz, Imax: 1,5 A, 0-(80)-110-140-170-190-190-230 VAC, Thermoschutz, IP54.
Multifunktionaler Transmitter für den Außenbereich, T, rH, CO2, Versorgungsspannung: 24 VDC (PoM), wählbare T-, rH- und CO2-Bereiche, integrierter Umgebungslichtsensor, Modbus RTU-Kommunikation, austauschbares CO2-Modul.
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