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Date  12/12/2018
Yves Vinck
Merry Christmas & happy new year!
Your Sentera team wishes you a new year filled with luck, health and success!
Date  06/11/2018
Yves Vinck
Audible and visual alarm module
Audible and visual alarm module to generate alarms or alerts of installations in less accessible places.
Date  15/10/2018
Yves Vinck
Take a virtual look in the Sentera warehouse
Follow our stock situation real time via the Sentera website
Date  17/09/2018
Yves Vinck
Electric heating controllers
Intelligent & modular electric heating controllers for single- or two phase electric heating elements.
Date  20/07/2018
Yves Vinck
Fan speed control for 120 VAC, 60 Hz mains
Local fan speed control for AC fans that require a 120 VAC, 60 Hz power supply
Date  14/06/2018
Yves Vinck
Demand controlled ventilation
T, rH and CO2 based EC fan speed control
Date  25/04/2018
Yves Vinck
Sentera - your partner in HVAC control solutions
Two decades of innovation in the HVAC industry
Date  03/04/2018
Yves Vinck
Frequency inverters
Precise and reliable control for IE2, IE3, IE4 and PMSM motors
Date  06/03/2018
Yves Vinck
Passive temperature sensors
A solution to measure temperature in every environment
Date  02/02/2018
Yves Vinck
T, rH and CO2 based ventilation control
A new multifunctional duct controller with one single analog output. Designed to control EC or AC fans in function of temperature, relative humidity and CO2!
Date  04/01/2018
Yves Vinck
A new factory for Sentera Plastics!
Sentera Thracia and Sentera Plastics are about to become new neighbours.
Date  21/11/2017
Yves Vinck
Multifunctional room sensor with ambient light detection
One device for all measurements: T, rH, CO2 and ambient light. Unlike a classical solution with a PIR sensor that only detects movement, the ambient light sensor is able to control the ventilation system based on the ambient (natural / artificial) light. Control your ventilation system in function of room occupancy without the need to move around every 2 minutes.
Date  04/10/2017
Yves Vinck
Manual or demand based AC fan speed control?
RDCZ features both manual and demand based AC fan speed control in function of temperature, relative humidity, CO2, differential pressure, air flow rate or air flow velocity.
Date  16/08/2017
Yves Vinck
HVAC sensors with integrated PI control
An easy way to control EC fans
Date  24/07/2017
Yves Vinck
Sensors and switches
The eyes of your HVAC system. Sensor switches to detect and sensors to measure.
Date  26/06/2017
Yves Vinck
Electronic fan speed controllers
Fan speed control for voltage controllable AC motors
Date  07/06/2017
Yves Vinck
Transformer fan speed controllers
Reliable and simple fan speed controllers for AC voltage controllable motors.
Date  10/05/2017
Yves Vinck
Potentiometers & Switches
Manual fan speed control - generate a control signal for EC fans, AC fan speed controllers or frequency inverters.
Date  18/04/2017
Yves Vinck
RDCV has it all!
HVAC controller or digital potentiometer?
Date  23/03/2017
Yves Vinck
Measure Air velocity with a differential pressure sensor
HPS-2 and DPS-2 differential pressure sensors are suited to measure air flow velocity via an optional Pitot tube connection set.
Date  02/03/2017
Yves Vinck
ITR9 and ITRS9 Electronic fan speed controllers
The ITR(S)9 series are designed to control the speed of single- phase voltage controllable motors by varying the supplied voltage.
Date  31/01/2017
Yves Vinck
Differential pressure and Air flow sensors
HPS-2 and DPS-2 HVAC transmitters - A robust, yet accurate solution to measure Air flow velocity, Air flow volume or differential pressure.
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