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Date  04/10/2017
Yves Vinck
Manual or demand based AC fan speed control?
RDCZ features both manual and demand based AC fan speed control in function of temperature, relative humidity, CO2, differential pressure, air flow rate or air flow velocity.
Date  12/09/2017
Yves Vinck
Temperature based fan speed control
The perfect solution to automatically control a ventilation system in order to maintain a constant temperature in green houses, conservatories, growth chambers, etc.
Date  16/08/2017
Yves Vinck
HVAC sensors with integrated PI control
An easy way to control EC fans
Date  24/07/2017
Yves Vinck
Sensors and switches
The eyes of your HVAC system. Sensor switches to detect and sensors to measure.
Date  26/06/2017
Yves Vinck
Electronic fan speed controllers
Fan speed control for voltage controllable AC motors
Date  07/06/2017
Yves Vinck
Transformer fan speed controllers
Reliable and simple fan speed controllers for AC voltage controllable motors.
Date  10/05/2017
Yves Vinck
Potentiometers & Switches
Manual fan speed control - generate a control signal for EC fans, AC fan speed controllers or frequency inverters.
Date  18/04/2017
Yves Vinck
RDCV has it all!
HVAC controller or digital potentiometer?
Date  23/03/2017
Yves Vinck
Measure Air velocity with a differential pressure sensor
HPS-2 and DPS-2 differential pressure sensors are suited to measure air flow velocity via an optional Pitot tube connection set.
Date  02/03/2017
Yves Vinck
ITR9 and ITRS9 Electronic fan speed controllers
The ITR(S)9 series are designed to control the speed of single- phase voltage controllable motors by varying the supplied voltage.
Date  31/01/2017
Yves Vinck
Differential pressure and Air flow sensors
HPS-2 and DPS-2 HVAC transmitters - A robust, yet accurate solution to measure Air flow velocity, Air flow volume or differential pressure.
Date  08/01/2017
Yves Vinck
Sensistant - Modbus RTU monitoring and configuration tool
The Sensistant Modbus RTU configuration device automatically recognizes the connected sensor or fan speed controller and allows the user to configure or monitor the device in an easy, intuitive way.
Date  12/12/2016
Yves Vinck
VFSC9 electronic fan speed controllers for single phase induction motors
The VFSC9 electronic fan speed controllers allow you to control a single phase induction motor in an optimal way. No need for complicated configuration; you can use it in default mode. VFSC9 - Innovative, intelligent and easy to use.