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Control the temperature in your greenhouse
Control the temperature in your greenhouse, increase performance with the GTE series. Demand controlled ventilation is made easy with Sentera.
Control the temperature in your greenhouse

Plug & play!

Demand controlled ventilation can be easy.

Sentera developed the GTE series to increase performance and realise energy savings:
Temperature control | GTE fan speed controllers are designed to control AC fan speed in order to maintain a constant temperature in green houses, conservatories, growth chambers, etc.
Easy to use | the temperature setpoint and minimum fan speed can be adjusted via two potentiometers. Via an illuminated ON/OFF switch, the system can be activated or deactivated. The maximum speed can be adjusted via an internal trimmer.
GTE –DT series | are equipped with a pre-wired power supply cable and temperature sensor. The motor can be connected easily via the integrated power socket. Plug & play!.
GTE –DM series | have Modbus RTU communication on board. This can be useful for configuration and/or monitoring purposes or it can be used to connect the local system with a central BMS system.

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Date 27/09/2019
Intelligent sensors with style
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Date 02/09/2019
A reliable, robust technology
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Date 05/08/2019
Digital versus analogue
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Date 26/06/2019
The underground car park sensor
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Date 04/06/2019
The perfect fan speed within your reach
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