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Power over Modbus- PoM
Power over Modbus (PoM) distributes both 24 VDC power supply and Modbus RTU via one cable.
Power over Modbus- PoM

24 VDC and Modbus RTU

At Sentera, we develop innovative solutions to control your ventilation system in an intelligent way. We help you to save energy while optimizing your indoor air quality. ‘Power over Modbus’ is an essential link in that process.
Power over Modbus | 24 VDC power supply and Modbus RTU communication are distributed via a single cable.
RJ45 connectors | Most devices such as sensors, power supplies, fan speed controllers, etc. can be connected via an RJ45 connector. No more risk to connect a wire to the wrong terminal!
Modbus RTU | All Sentera devices speak the same language. Thanks to application dedicated solutions, there is no complicated configuration required.
24 VDC supply | All our PoM 24 VDC power supplies are protected against overload, overvoltage and short circuit.

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Date 26/06/2019
The underground car park sensor
The underground car park sensor A smart ventilation system is essential to maintain a perfect health and comfort level in enclosed parking garages. The brand new ODCOM-R sensor is designed for these applications. >>>
Date 04/06/2019
The perfect fan speed within your reach
The perfect fan speed within your reach The ITR(S)9 series are designed for local fan speed control in HVAC applications and allow you to optimize your ventilation system. Easy to use, no complicated configuration required. >>>
Date 16/05/2019
Control the temperature in your greenhouse
Control the temperature in your greenhouse Control the temperature in your greenhouse, increase performance with the GTE series. Demand controlled ventilation is made easy with Sentera. >>>
Date 15/04/2019
Monitor your air quality
Monitor your air quality On average, people spend 85% of the day indoors. Because the indoor air quality has a direct effect on the health of residents, it's important to monitor indoor air quality. That's why Sentera developed the ODVCM-R series. >>>
Date 29/03/2019
Intelligent ventilation
Intelligent ventilation Condensation prevention - The RDPU controller with CPC firmware can calculate the dew point based on wall temperature, in- and outside temperature and relative humidity. A supply and/or extraction fan can be controlled to avoid condensation. >>>
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